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Desktop Virtualization

PC Virtualization

In the modern world, employees of a company are more mobile than ever before. Every employee has deadlines to meet for which they work in the office as well as at home, at cafes and restaurants or even while commuting. In this case, it becomes essential to develop a system through which each employee can get instant access to the data he or she is working on in any location that he wants.

PC virtualization is a concept which strives for the ultimate convenience of the users by storing all the data of the company in a single server. As long as the data is stored in the server, it can be accessed from anywhere simply by logging in to the company server through any device. This is a big advantage for those who are constantly on the move like salespersons who can instantly pick up their work from where they left.

Another advantage of PC virtualization is that a person need not carry his own PC or laptop to ever location that he wants to work in. The data from the server can be streamed to any device like a laptop, PC, Mackintosh or even a tablet PC.

Application Virtualization

Similar to PC virtualization, the Application Virtualization system ensures access to all common applications of the company’s server from any device and any location. Application Virtualization plays a big role in elimination the cost and effort of IT management and maintenance as it allows apps to run virtually, thus elimination the need for achieving application compatibility with different devices. Even if a user wants to access a new app on an older version of OS, it can easily be done as long as the application is stored on the server through Application Virtualization.

Some other benefits of Application Virtualization are as follows:

  • Any application can be accessed from anywhere, irrespective of how remote the location is.
  • Software security is also ensured while running any application through Application Virtualization system.
  • Updating applications is made easier as a single update in the server will automatically update the app in all individual PCs.
  • There are no software conflicts between different operating systems.
  • Management and maintenance costs are drastically cut down.


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