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Domain Controller

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs with Domain Controller Upgrades

The latest of the Windows Server Operating Systems, Server 2008 from Microsoft is specially designed to aid organizations cut down on costs and enhance efficiency. It is capable of delivering improved energy efficiency by minimizing the power consumption and overhead costs to enhance performance. The innovative strategy of virtualization employed with Microsoft Server 2008 promises to increase the efficiency to a great extent.

Some of the major reasons for upgrading the Domain Controller to Microsoft Server 2008 include:

  • Low Power Consumption: achieved through Active Directory Group Policy Management for the client systems – Core Parking "sleep mode"
  • The all new virtualization capabilities of Hyper V-server and Live migration that result in physical moves between targets completing in milliseconds without being visible to users
  • Minimized Desktop Costs: new VDI (Virtual Desktop Integration) technology whereby desktop services apps appear right with the locally installed programs in the Start Menu
  • Server 2008 is the first server operating system for only 64 bit programming. It takes advantage of powerful CPUs while the 32 bit programs continue functioning flawlessly

Domain Controller upgrades we offer can greatly increase efficiency while cutting down costs for your company.

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