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Exchange Migration

Migrate to Microsoft Exchange 2010 for a better experience

The innovative high availability functionality in Microsoft Exchange 2010 makes it easy dealing with disaster recovery and the users can work seamlessly without any disturbance with unordinary things.

Exchange is still the standard email server of majority of companies today around the world and contributes 70% of the email market share. For those companies that have more than 40 users, Exchange 2010 as well as 2013 stands as good option.

Exchange 2010 come loaded with built in functionality of continuous data replication. It is configured for high availability to improve the uptime to a great extent. The all time leader in email clients, calendaring and collaboration services offers full up-time and mission critical stability.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides benefits like:

  • Improved availability on account of constant replication of email databases
  • Outlook app with Active Sync to support virtually all smartphones
  • Increases the size of user mailbox to prevent local email corruption
  • Facilitates email archiving in an unique way
  • Seamless integration with Cloud Office 365 to let you enjoy receiving mails via Exchange server as well as cloud.

Use our services to migrate to Exchange 2010 and increase your email functionality and security.

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