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Storage Virtualization

The concept behind Storage Virtualization was developed because of a need to improve the storage space utilization by ensuring that applications are not specific to any one form of storage but are rather transparent to multiple storage systems which utilize the data from the applications. Essentially, Storage Virtualization adds an additional layer of software between the servers and storage unit which is achieved with the help of iSCSI and Fibre Channel which enable the flow of data across multiple locations. Whether the data is with the SAN controllers, RAID groups or various kinds of disks, Server Virtualization ensures that the storage system is a single unit which is managed by a central console which pools the data coming in from multiple storage systems.

Here is a look at what Storage Virtualization can achieve:

  • Storage resource utilization is maximized by virtualization as the applications become transparent to multiple or sub-system storage.
  • Operating system management is made easier since the storage unit is a single entity. Accordingly, the storage requirements of each app can be distributed from this single consolidated unit.
  • Since the applications derive their needs from a single storage entity, they are less prone to interruptions. This makes these applications more readily available and smooth running.
  • New resources can be added without any hassles.
  • Automatic updation of storage resources ensures minimum downtime and elimination of manual provisioning while also maintaining the application performance.

One of the most popular systems in the market with respect to Storage Virtualization is the Dell Virtualization which works in concurrence with the virtualization Hypervisor, VMware. Dell’s EqualLogic, Compellant and PowerVault SANs will ensure a system with higher capacity, smoother functioning apps, greater security and substantially lower costs.

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