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Unified Communications

Unified Communications service platform makes use of the latest technology in the VoIP segment by integrating the various communication devices of the employees of a company into a single main server or the core phone system. The single largest benefit of such an integrated phone network is that each employee of the company is able to see at all times who is available and can be instantly contacted. This is a particularly useful way of communication between different members of the same team. However, Unified Communications also plays a significant role in cutting down the costs, lowering the chance of missed opportunities and increasing the overall productivity of the employees by enabling speedy decision making.

Check out below the various ways in which Unified Communications can help a business:

  • Employees can transfer the calls directly to another person in any other location and irrespective of the device being used.
  • Employees can check out a co-worker’s availability on IM, video chat or phone before initiating contact.
  • Conference calls can be pre-scheduled which may make use of a combination of communication options like voice/ video through web collaboration.
  • Companies with busy contact centres will be most benefitted by Unified Communications as it enables automatic call routing and therefore a smoother customer service base.

Unified Communications will bring together Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, VoIP phone, mobility and presence under a single banner. Employee productivity and customer satisfaction will receive a big positive impact with Unified Communications. Moreover, all this will be provided by StableNet at the lowest possible cost.

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